Commentary: Why is Inview Vehicle Trim the perfect solution for reducing loss of life?

By Peter Gold 

What Inview Vehicle Trim does so perfectly is allow you to stand safely outside your vehicle, at night and with the door opened behind you. It allows another vehicle driver’s headlights to automatically illuminate your vehicle door from over 1,000 feet away and avoid a collision while you are standing outside your vehicle.

Inview Vehicle Trim reduces the loss of life by solving the issue of nothing on the interior of the vehicle door such as light or a reflector, and most importantly solves a major flaw of all vehicle doors that do have a light or a reflector; the flaw is that when a person is standing outside the vehicle door, he or she is blocking the light or reflector from being seen by another vehicle driver. Inview Vehicle Trim can never be totally blocked from being seen by another driver.

So the question could be asked, “Why isn’t Inview Vehicle Trim, a product that is universal to all vehicles, not being applied to all vehicles on the road today?” The fact is that it will be over time because it works perfectly to reduce loss of life. It is an affordable safety accident avoidance system that can be applied to all vehicles, and eventually a new global vehicle safety standard will be applied.

Inview Vehicle Trim is now available for license and/or product application to every vehicle manufacturer in the world under the U.S. Trademark Inview Vehicle Trim, and under the numerous U.S. Patents of its inventor, Peter Gold.

Peter Gold is the inventor and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim. For more information, please visit

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