Plummet and Shine is latest release from NFB Publishing

Plummet and Shine and Other Stories by author Joan Korale.

Plummet and Shine and Other Stories by author Joan Korale is the latest release by Buffalo-based NFB Publishing.

Plummet and Shine spans a variety of locations and emotions. A collection of stories that delves into relationships, hopes and dreams, the characters come alive through the intimate portraits and each story builds toward a realization of what it means to live in an ever-changing world.

Korale’s 15 short stories are based on people she met as a teacher in Jamaica, as a military spouse in Hawaii, as a young girl in her native Philadelphia and South Jersey, and as a resident of her husband’s hometown of Buffalo. Among stories in Plummet and Shine:

• New Jersey/Philadelphia/Buffalo: A loving grandfather cites the origin of a myth to help heal a bullied grandson.

• Jamaica, West Indies: A Jamaican girl moving on her own to Manhattan is counseled by a poet in a dream.

• Hawaiian Islands: A wife’s departure prompts her husband to build a boat to fetch her back, but a sudden natural shock reveals to him the awakened feelings of a young Hawaiian woman.

• Military: A bereaved soldier traveling Route 66 to find the site where his mother said synthetic diamonds originated seeks solace from a bizarre amateur psychology racket.

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