West Seneca East Senior High School student earns Eagle Scout rank

West Seneca Central School District would like to congratulate Andrew Beehler of West Seneca East Senior High School on earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Hills Angels, a nonprofit organization providing downhill skiing opportunities to physically disabled individuals, is based at the Buffalo Ski Club in Colden.

Before his Eagle project, Beehler noted the disabled skiers had to get out of their wheelchairs in the snow and potentially get wet, then another ski member aided the athlete into their sled. His plan was to create a portable platform and two ramps to be used for easy entry and exit from an existing structure used to house equipment for disabled skiers, providing them with more independence.

“Now with my building project the disabled skiers can wheel themselves up and onto the ramp,” Beehler shared in his Eagle Scout write up. “They can get their sled from the shed, get out of their chair and into their sled, sled off the ramp and go right to the ski lifts.”

He completed an extensive amount of research once his project idea was approved, specifically in regards to safety and what materials he needed to carry out his project.

“I had to educate myself on some of the BSA regulations and rules so that my project compiled with all safety requirements.”

After coming up with about seven different designs, one was selected and considered “perfect” for what the beneficiary needed. With weather cooperating, Beehler and his group of volunteers were able to work on building his final project from Sept. 9-17, 2017.

Throughout the project, the high school student learned a lot about patience, modifying plans, flexibility, and how to lead and monitor a team of workers.

“The most rewarding part was knowing that this is your project that is making people’s lives better, looking back and seeing that the plan you worked so hard on worked well, and seeing that people are willing to come out and help you and believe in your plan,” Beehler shared.

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