Bison Bluegrass is setting WNY’s hydroseeding industry on fire

Rick Gorczyca, owner of Bison Bluegrass works on a WNY lawn.

It’s spring, which means it’s time to welcome Western New York’s annual home-building season.

Once a house is built, the finishing touch is modern landscaping and a plush lawn. That’s when Rick Gorczyca, owner of Bison Bluegrass, often enters the picture. Gorczyca, who also works as a full-time firefighter for the Lackawanna Fire Department, opened his East Aurora-based company back in 1993.

“We work very closely with Western New York’s new home construction companies to tailor a Kentucky bluegrass mixture to the precise needs of the consumer’s yard, whether it’s full sun, mixed sun and shade, or mostly shade,” said Gorczyca. “Our hydroseed mixtures include several types of Kentucky bluegrass and rye grass. Usually, in new home construction with full sun, we use a 50/50 blend. This high concentration of bluegrass will keep its dark green color, offer outstanding disease resistance and provide high drought tolerance. For homes with variable amounts of shade, we will use one of our many other seed blends to suit the needs of the new homeowner.”

Consumers should begin to see results in just five to seven days, depending on soil temperature and moisture content. A new lawn should be ready to mow in three to four weeks, said Gorczyca.

And while his company doesn’t do minor lawn repair, they do specialize in major repairs — such as the bare space left by the removal of a swimming pool or a yard that’s been torn up for septic tank installation, removal or repair.

No matter the reason for the job, it is Gorczyca’s objective to give every customer a lawn that they can be proud of — whether it’s a brand new home, a commercial site or a repair — that’s backed by a commitment to customer service. 

“I will be the operator at your job site to ensure that you receive the best lawn possible,” said the owner. “I take pride in my work and enjoy giving customers a lawn that they can be proud of for many years to come.

“As a firefighter and a business owner, helping people goes hand-in-hand with both professions,” Gorczyca added. “When it comes to homeowners or home builders, site contractors, landscapers, developers, nursery owners, country clubs or anyone looking for a lawn, we’re here to help. I enjoy the challenge of helping customers get the beautiful lawn they’re seeking, and achieving the property they’ve always dreamed of. For me, that’s what it’s all about.”

For more information on Bison Bluegrass, please visit, call (716) 655-7333, email or follow the company on Facebook for frequent updates.

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