Black History Month features diversity, equity and inclusion speakers at Mount Mercy Academy

DaMar and Carissa DowellDaMar and Carissa Dowell

Mount Mercy Academy recently welcomed DaMar and Carissa Dowell to the school to speak about Loving Diversity, according to the Bible. The husband and wife team have worked as catalysts for change for many years in the Western New York area and beyond. The pair have followed the calling of being a bridge between communities that are comprised mostly of white residents and communities of color.

They have formed Team Dowell Inc., which includes in its activities training a plethora of employees in diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as anti-harassment and anti-discrimination skills and practices.
While speaking to the student body, they spoke about their acceptance of their ethnicity and how they are teaching their children to love all, no matter what they are, who they are or where they are. They stressed the importance of unconditional love, using Jesus as the epitome of this love.

Although they admit that injustice still exists in the world today, they also recognize that the same issues existed during Jesus’ time. The Dowell’s said that diversity takes time to be achieved and it has been that way since time began.

They advised the students to be bold and speak up for justice as well as to be confident in you are.