Buffalo publishing company releases novel by Fredonia’s Al Sorci

“Come the Thief in the Night,” a book by Fredonia novelist and screenwriter Al Sorci, is the latest release by Buffalo-based No Frills Buffalo publishing company.

In Sorci’s novel, worlds separated by millennia and mystery are on a collision course. Hurtling through time and space, their paths inevitably crossed, they will come crashing together, like storm fronts of fire and ice, to create an immaculate tempest of brilliant lightning and ground-shaking thunder. Sweeping in scope, radiating and rumbling from an ultramodern genetics laboratory in the Swiss countryside to an ancient monastery in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey, from an archaeological dig site in the Syrian desert to the gleaming towers of industry and shadowy streets of New York City, “Come the Thief in the Night” journeys to the point of impact, where death, rebirth and discovered answers that beg still more profound questions, prove all too prophetic. 

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