At Buffalo Solar Solutions, old-fashioned customer service meets today’s technology

Solar the Husky!

When South Buffalo residents Tyler and Alicia Uebelhoer decided to open Buffalo Solar Solutions in the Summer of 2015, they poured their personal savings into the business venture and dedicated themselves to providing customers with the best possible service and a pressure-free sales approach. While it took a tremendous amount of effort — not to mention a lot of blood, sweat and tears — to get the business off the ground, the entire Western New York community is beginning to see the benefits.

Now going on two years old, the company no longer operates out of the Uebelhoer’s home. Showing steady growth every month, the employees of Buffalo Solar Solutions have worked out of their new office at 1212 Abbott Road, Suite A, since October.

In a nutshell, Buffalo Solar Solutions is a local solar panel company that has developed a solid reputation for trusted, attentive and personal customer service. They guide customers through every step of the process, providing all of the details necessary to help their clients maximize their savings and gain the full benefit of generous state and federal solar energy tax credits and incentives.

“Our customers are like our extended family and we care for them before, during and long after the install,” said Tyler Uebelhoer. “It’s a part of our moral belief that customers are human beings, not a revenue opportunity. As a result, we work hard to ensure every installation adheres to the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship. We are a customer-centric organization that treats our clients the way we would want to be treated.”

“In the Summer of 2016, we installed our first 25 solar energy systems, ranging from pole mounts to pergolas to rooftop solar arrays,” added Alicia Uebelhoer. “That allowed us to build a team that shares our passion for customer service and the environment. We train our employees to be educators, not salespeople.”

The Buffalo Solar Solutions team now includes solar technician Kyle Wojewoda, who also assists the business owners with day-to-day operations; electrician Clay Kummer and Joe Ferraro, two hardworking installers who have earned the nickname “The Dream Team;” and master electrician Jim Emser. Rounding out the team are chief solar educator James Wilkins, and office assistants and community educators Jacob and Anthony. And finally, there’s Solar the Husky, the Uebelhoer’s high-energy pup who serves as company mascot and often appears in Buffalo Solar Solution’s marketing efforts.

“Overall, we’re like a family here and we treat all of our customers as if they are also part of our family,” added Alicia Uebelhoer. “We’re full of passion for green energy, helping people save money and building trusting relationships with our community.”

To that end, the Buffalo Solar Solutions staff hopes to become more involved in their community and they are looking forward to working with local nonprofit organizations such as South Buffalo Alive.

For more information on Buffalo Solar Solutions and the path to saving with solar panels, please visit, call 800-7775 or follow the company on Facebook for frequent updates.

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