Buffalo Systema opens on Jamison Road in Elma

East Aurora native Steven Helmicki has opened Buffalo Systema, a full Russian Martial Arts training school, at 717 Jamison Rd. in Elma.

SYSTEMA Urban Combat Ultra Team Training will be offered at Buffalo Systema for security people, police, military, body guarding and personal protection. Times and days are to be announced. This class is for people who want to work outside sport, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, etc. The class will allow participants to develop and learn impulse force speed and start strength and applied explosive power endurance with strong Russian Martial Arts.

A child’s class titled Response/Tactics to School Bullying/Emergencies – going over untouched topics such as abduction, school shootings, escaping from mobs and tension control – will take place from 1 to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Open Systema will be held from noon to 1 p.m. on Thursdays. Privates, women only, application to kids with disabilities and many other formats will be available.

Coach Helmicki instructs Russian Martial Arts and has been mentored by certified instructor Vladimir Vasiliev (Black Belt Magazine cover August/September 2013), Konstantin Komorov PhD combat psychology, Mikael Ryabko, Valentin Talanov, Kwan Lee and Maxim Franz (winner of the World’s Deadliest Warrior on Verses).

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He has taught combatives at the level of the New York State Police SORT Team, which consists of representatives of SPEC OPS from many branches of the U.S. military. Coach Helmicki taught SYSTEMA breathing, hand to hand and strength trained this special police force.

He continued his studies in Moscow at SYSTEMA Palooza this September, training 16 hours per day studying Volk with Denis Ryauzov, trainer of Moscow’s elite bodyguards and Izvor with Micheal Grudev, as well as police tactics and Kadichnokov Systema with Dmitri Drachin, who graduated from the Moscow specialized sports school with a focus on Judo. He earned a master of sport in the former USSR in both Judo and Sambo. Drachin currently serves as a reserve officer for the Russian Department of Border Troops and is the current vice president of the international security company and training academy, “Volk.” In addition to Judo and Sambo competitions, he won several high-level Taekwondo championships in his youth and has over 35 years of experience in the martial arts. Drachin has advanced training in public safety and law enforcement subjects, including an MEI in “Organization and maintenance of complex safety.” сергей кузнецов taught great mobility, stick, rolls, balance beam work in traditional Kadichnokov style.

“We have diverged completely from sports. You have four to eight seconds in an edged blade attack. This is very much a natural movement, scientific approach to personal protection. No belts. Pressure testing. The breath work and bodyweight exercises are applied to tension/stress relief for occupation-related stress, PTSD, enhanced athletic movement, and general health and wellness.”

In addition to combative disciplines, Coach Helmicki has diverse experience in boxing serving as strength and conditioning coach for Excel Holmes (No. 2 USA Boxing Heavyweight), Lionell Thompson (No. 1 USA Boxing Light Heavyweight) and Meecher Major Bahamian (national champ). Coach Helmicki was also a cornerman/cut man for NABA Title Fight in Toronto.

His Russian bodywork and unique approach to strengthening around injuries has allowed for him to play an integral role in recovery, pain reduction and high-level post physical therapy strength and conditioning. He learned stick, antler and whip massage techniques from Aleksej Sapranov from Riga, Latvia.

To learn more, call 713-3785 or visit https://www.facebook.com/SystemaBuffalo.

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