Career Day comes to Mount Mercy Academy

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Mount Mercy Academy recently hosted its semi-regular Career Day for students. Thirty presenters, all female, were invited to speak. All but one of the presenters was an alumna of the school and returned home to share their educational background, career path, job responsibilities and wisdom.

Students had the opportunity to attend four sessions to hear from four different presenters. Each session lasted approximately 25 minutes. Some of the careers that were represented included a chef, scientist, CPA, criminal defense attorney, educators and administrators, business owners, occupational and physical therapists, firefighter/EMT, law enforcement members, graphic designers, psychiatrist and medical doctor.

Many of the presenters stressed the importance of their Mount Mercy educational experiences and the bonds they created at Mount Mercy. It was mentioned that graduates share a bond that will help them in their careers, no matter what year they may have graduated.

“I learned a lot about the background of careers,” sophomore Elizabeth Higgins of Buffalo remarked. “I was not aware of all the different departments and pathways that there are within each career.”

The speakers also stressed to the students that it is perfectly acceptable to be undecided about what career they would like to pursue and that they should continually keep their options open. It is normal to not find a job the week after they graduate from high school and their career may change as they travel through life.

Olivia Larson, a sophomore from Orchard Park, enjoyed the experience. “It was interesting to hear from professionals who can relate to us. They were once where we are and we have common experiences here at Mount Mercy. It was intriguing to hear how they went from Mount Mercy to their chosen careers,” she stated.

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