Commentary: What I have created allows vehicles to communicate

By Peter Gold 

To continue to knowingly make vehicle doors that have nothing to allow that opened vehicle door to be seen at night is to knowingly make a vehicle that is unsafe.

It is time for all vehicle manufacturers, and all vehicle safety organizations, to take proactive actions that can now be immediately applied to all vehicles past, present and future to reduce the unreported loss of an estimated 100 lives a night globally. That loss of life is caused by opened vehicle doors that do not communicate to oncoming drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and autonomous vehicles.

My friends, I have provided new knowledge and an application — Inview Vehicle Trim — that allows all vehicle doors to communicate with oncoming vehicles. All you need to do is open your vehicle door and apply my product in just seconds, without the need for tools.

We can all do better … now!

Want to see and learn more about Inview Vehicle Trim? Visit their display at the New York International Auto Show (media days March 28-29, public days March 30-April 8). Inview inventor and CEO Peter Gold will be in attendance to answer your questions and will have a display showing and describing their new advancements that allow vehicle doors to communicate with other drivers at night and at the speed of light!

Peter Gold is the inventor and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim. For more information, please visit

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