Dog Ears Bookstore to host local author Bill Metzger

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Bill Metzger, author of “An Empty Desk” and “The Lolita File,” will visit Dog Ears Bookstore & Café from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15 for a book-signing event.

In “An Empty Desk,” on the first day of a new school year, Keisha Jones is told that a student’s body has been discovered in the school dumpster. The police have identified the student as Julia Rodriquez, but are having trouble locating her parents. When Keisha provides the police with an address, they tell her she is mistaken, that the house is abandoned. The school social worker decides to visit the address herself. When a neighbor tells her that the house harbors drug addicts, Keisha feels, intuitively, that something is missing from the picture!

In “The Lolita File,” when Michael Brockton agrees to defend a public school teacher against charges of statutory rape and assault, he doesn’t realize he will have to face a corrupt cop, an assistant DA bent on revenge and an overzealous teacher. Nor did he think that his personal drug use would become a danger. Yet as one of the best lawyers in the city, he has no intention of shrinking from the task of seeking justice for his client and facing down the pressures of a system that pretended to be objective. He, too, has friends, and will use them and his own wits to emerge the much admired, battle-scarred victor.

Metzger served for three years in the United States Peace Corps as a secondary education teacher trainer in Honduras, Central America. Upon his completion of service, he returned to the United States where he taught in public schools in Syracuse, Morris  and New York, N.Y., and in Austin, Texas.

In addition to teaching during the subsequent 15 years, Metzger served as a truancy prevention officer, social work assistant, and the director and hearing officer of a Suspension Alternative Program. In addition, he coordinated a Breakfast Club attendance program, a teen single mothers support group and a science achievement program for at-risk teens.

While teaching, Metzger worked for defense lawyers and judges in upstate New York court systems, translating for Spanish-only speaking defendants who were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. He currently lives in Buffalo where he writes and manages brewing newspapers, a brewpub and a coffeehouse.

Dog Ears Bookstore & Café is located at 688 Abbott Road in Buffalo. For more information, please call 823-2665 or follow the bookstore on Facebook for frequent updates.