Dog Ears Bookstore partners with People Inc. on reading initiative

South Buffalo’s community bookstore and gathering place, Dog Ears Bookstore & Café, is partnering with People Inc. to offer the Enlightenment on Wheels program. Through the program, People Inc. senior tenants living in People Inc. senior living locations can fill out a form and Dog Ears then sends two books to each individual every other week, perpetuating the reading process and keeping their minds sharp!

“We love to see all people with a book,” said Dog Ears Director Thomas McDonnell. “The program also allows some of the participants an opportunity to get out into the community as they pick up and distribute the books to five participating sites. The program allows us to ensure that People Inc. seniors have an opportunity to live, travel, learn and enjoy all that these stories have to offer.”

Dog Ears is located at 688 Abbott Road. For more information on the nonprofit community bookstore, please visit, call 823-2665 or follow Dog Ears on Facebook for frequent updates.

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