East Aurora plant store designates Re-Tree for donations

The Plant Shack is located at 437 Buffalo Road, East Aurora.The Plant Shack is located at 618 Main Street, East Aurora.
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As a local houseplant store grows its customer base, it is also contributing to the growth of the Western New York tree canopy.

The Plant Shack has announced that, starting in October, they will be donating funds to plant trees with the volunteers of Re-Tree.

Rachel Stepien is the store owner and self-described “Oxygen Pusher” at the Plant Shack.

“I have always felt that owning a business, especially a green one, comes with it a desire to get involved with an organization that makes our area greener by planting trees,” said Stepien, “so I contacted Re-Tree and asked if they would like a donation to further their efforts. Paul Maurer, their founder and chairman, was very grateful in accepting our offer!”

“Of course, this is fantastic,” added Maurer. “We could definitely use the boost and we promise that the donation will go directly into our tree fund. We are planting trees again this November with our volunteers, so this generosity comes at a great time!”

Stepien estimates that every other month she will be able to send a check to cover the cost of a tree that Re-Tree’s volunteers will plant. “It is a start, and we will hopefully do more donations for more trees as our customer base grows.”

The Plant Shack is located at 618 Main St., East Aurora. For information, visit www.ThePlantShackWNY.com, email info@theplantshackwny.com or call 550-2302.


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