Elma Marilla Wales Baseball & Softball is a big hit in the community

By Drew Partsch

Baseball is one of those games that everyone should have the chance to play, and EMW Baseball & Softball provides that opportunity. EMW stands for Elma, Marilla and Wales and it houses all the children in those areas. It has softball, baseball and even baseball for special needs kids. The Dream Team is the name of the special needs program which gives an opportunity for any child having a disability to play ball like all the other kids and even gives them an opportunity to play at Cola-Cola Field. EMW does a great job developing kids from ages 5 to 16 years old with in-house and travel ball.

EMW is proud to develop and watch the growth of young baseball and softball players throughout all their years in the program. Volunteer coaches are very good with the players in giving even playing time and just guiding them to grow into the best young adults they can be. They start with the simplest of tasks like stopping a ball in the field and throwing it in the right direction, to making double plays on the big senior fields.

EMW baseball is so much more than just a place where kids come to play baseball and softball. It is a place where kids develop long-lasting friendships doing what they love to do most. Creek Road is its location, and people also go there to play basketball, go in the creek, hike or just hang out with their friends at the concession stand. It is a great way to be out in the community and get to know a lot of people. During the season it’s like a social event where people just go to hang out and support the youth while watching some really good ball.

My papa used to say that some of the best ball he has ever seen was free and played by kids not old enough to drive! As one of the kids who grew up in EMW Baseball, I would agree. EMW and Creek Road are a vital part of the Elma, Marilla and Wales communities. Any night of the week you can come over, set up a chair and be fully entertained. Hope to see you there!

For more information on Elma Marilla Wales Baseball & Softball, please visit www.emwbaseball.org.

Drew Partsch, a senior at Iroquois Senior High School in Elma, is serving as a summer intern for BuffaloScoop.com!