Emily Bombardier named Seneca Ridge Dental 2021 scholarship winner

Dr. David Cappuccio with scholarship winner Emily Bombardier and her father, and Dental Assistant Ashley Soto.Dr. David Cappuccio with scholarship winner Emily Bombardier and her father, and Dental Assistant Ashley Soto.
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Emily Bombardier of Buffalo, a recent graduate of City Honors High School, is the 2021 recipient of the JD Cappuccio Memorial Scholarship. The award was recently presented by Dr. David Cappuccio, owner of Seneca Ridge Dental at 3626 Seneca St. in West Seneca.

Applicants for the scholarship were asked to write about a skill or hobby they developed during pandemic and discuss how it helped them to handle adversity. Bombardier stressed the importance of time management in helping her complete her school assignments while working from home. She will study architecture at the University at Buffalo beginning this fall. 

“Overall, the pandemic has taught me many things but in my eyes, the most valuable skill was time management,” she wrote. “Time management was definitely a difficult skill to learn but I’m glad I found a way. Without time management I don’t think I could have done as well as I have this school year, and it is a skill that I will continue to use throughout college and life.

“Adding some structure to my day definitely helped me be more productive because I looked forward to the time I set aside to relax which made me work faster. Also, a large part of making the schedule work was knowing when I am most productive. So, I made a plan to get all of my work done earlier in the day because I get tired and would rather do other things at night.”

The $1,000 award is made annually in honor of Dr. David Cappuccio’s father, Dr. Joseph D. Cappuccio. The late Dr. Cappuccio served as chief resident adviser to Strong Hospital family practice residents and was an advocate of evidence-based medical practice during a time when anecdotal patient care was still mainstream. His contributions to the medical field have had far-reaching influences among healthcare providers across the globe. 

Dr. Joseph Cappuccio was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age seven and overcame a series of health complications throughout his life. The challenges related to diabetes and its associated conditions such as retinopathy, heart and kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy and hypoglycemic attacks were ever-present obstacles. Despite these challenges, Dr. Cappuccio was able to achieve a great deal of success.

“Through this scholarship we remember the life of my father and his ability to excel in spite of his medical challenges,” said Dr. David Cappuccio. “This scholarship award acknowledges a high school student who demonstrates an ability to overcome difficult circumstances and grow from adversity.”

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