Getting more movement throughout the day

Using new tools, it’s easier than ever to stay accountable to your fitness goals. © Sanja Radin / iStock via Getty Images PlusUsing new tools, it’s easier than ever to stay accountable to your fitness goals. © Sanja Radin / iStock via Getty Images Plus

Working or learning from home? It’s more important than ever to ensure you move throughout the day. Doing so will help keep your mind and body healthy and agile. Here are a few tips to move more throughout the day.

Take designated breaks: While your workplace likely afforded you regular opportunities to move around, such as getting up to speak to a colleague or attend a meeting, home workspaces often involve a lot less natural movement. Set a timer for regular intervals. Every time you hear the beep, stretch, move about or take a walk to the kitchen for a glass of water. You’ll be giving your eyes a much needed break too. If possible, consider even building a midday walk or jog around the neighborhood into your schedule.

Track your movement: Wearable tech can help you stay accountable throughout the day. The timepieces in the G-SHOCK line-up feature step trackers and other cool heart smart health and fitness functions that can help you enhance your workout. In addition to counting steps, the GBD800-1B for men and the GMDB800-1 for women track calories burned, exercise intensity levels and activity goal achievements when connected to the G-SHOCK app. They also feature daily, weekly and monthly activity graphs so you can set goals and track your progress over time.

Are you a fitness enthusiast who wants to get into the real nitty-gritty of metrics? Check out the G-Shock MOVE GBDH1000. Its heart rate monitor displays your current heart rate, as well as the heart rate zone for five stages of exercise intensity. It also estimates VO2max, a measure of your maximum rate of oxygen consumption, a useful benchmark for cardiorespiratory ability if you’re looking to build endurance. When you get outdoors for an adventure, its GPS functionality and other sensors can help orient you.

Mix it up: There are four types of exercise, according to the National Institutes of Health — endurance, strength, balance and flexibility — and each type has different benefits for your body. Varying your workouts can ensure you gain the benefits of all four types. Need some inspiration? There are plenty of free routines available online, many of which offer modifications to work for different fitness levels. Just search for what you’re looking for and you’re bound to find some great follow-along programming to meet your needs. And remember, a workout doesn’t need to be a certain length to be beneficial. If you have only a few minutes to squeeze movement into your day, be sure to take it.

Using new tools, it’s easier than ever to stay accountable to your fitness goals, even when you are spending a lot of time at home.
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