Interclub helps young WNY golfers develop their skills

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By Drew Partsch

Golf is no longer an “old man’s” game. It has become one of the most popular sports among the youth of today. You can tell that by looking at any high school sports program or counting the number of kids on any given course. This sport is now captivating the youth of today’s society in any and all communities. 

Golf is a game of patience and strategy. Many people think golf is a boring sport, when in reality it is a strategic sport that can be fun for an entire lifetime. That’s why introducing golf to the youth is so important. The more often people play golf the better they will get and that’s exactly the purpose of Interclub. 

Interclub is a summer golf program consisting of 23 different country clubs/golf courses that open up their tee times to local youth. These events get the youth involved with the game of golf in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. There’s normally a qualifier for the team/course that you will be representing and then the actual tournament later that same week. It’s an 18-hole round of golf each time, and depending on the course you represent, the price will vary accordingly. 

This event every year is run by the Buffalo District Golf Association. They run it to get more young people involved in the sport and also to give kids the opportunity to play a variety of courses throughout Western New York. This opportunity is for both girls and boys, ages 12 to 18 years.   

For me, Interclub has been a fun way to golf with my friends and at the same time get prepared for school golf. It has also helped me develop and fine tune my skills because of how much golf is played. Craig Zienski, the organizer from the McMahon Division, volunteers his summer time to get this event up and running at the Elma Meadows golf course. His knowledge of the game has personally helped me in my play. The scores I get are put out online so that everyone can see them which helps when college comes along and even for my school varsity coach to see. 

So if you are or know of any younger people that are interested in golf, Interclub might be something you would want to look into. Not only will you learn the game of golf, but you will also build friendships that will last for years to come!

For more information, please contact a golf course near you or go to

Drew Partsch, a senior at Iroquois Senior High School in Elma, is serving as a summer intern for!

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