Lit Fit participants at Lorraine Elementary receive reading awards

Several students at Lorraine Elementary School in South Buffalo recently received awards for their participation in the Lit Fit reading program sponsored by Dog Ears Bookstore & Café and Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke.

“Students participating in the program earn colored bracelets based on the total number of minutes spent reading both in school and at home,” said Thomas McDonnell, director of the nonprofit Dog Ears Bookstore, located at 688 Abbott Road. Students earn their first bracelet (yellow) by reaching 1,000 minutes of reading, and there are nine other levels with corresponding colors. Students who reach 10,000 reading minutes earn a black bracelet to signify the highest level of achievement. This is the second year of the innovative program.

To learn more about Dog Ears Bookstore & Café and its many programs, please stop by 688 Abbott Road near Red Jacket Parkway in Buffalo, visit, follow them on Facebook for frequent updates or call 823-2665 for more information.