Mount Mercy establishes new Business Academy

MMA has added a Business Academy which will enable students to gain hands-on experience.MMA has added a Business Academy which will enable students to gain hands-on experience.

Mount Mercy Academy already has a Women in Social Sciences Academy, a Science and Health Care Academy and a Visual Arts Academy. This year the school is adding a Business Academy which will enable students to gain hands-on experience in the field of business. Since the beginning of the school year, the Introduction to Business classes, under the direction of teacher Patrick Govern, have been hard at work establishing the academy.

The class has had guest speakers and will continue to have speakers come in to address them about important business topics. Dr. Susan McCartney, director of small business development at Buffalo State College, spoke to the students about the importance of developing women-owned small businesses. McCartney offered advice and practical information about some of the specifics that the students would need to accomplish to properly certify and open their own business. 

Senior Marissa Kurucz (West Seneca) was grateful for the opportunity to hear from the speaker. “I felt really inspired after hearing about the speaker’s experiences when creating her business. I was impressed by the effort and dedication needed to start your own business,” Kurucz stated.

Hannah Colin, a Canisius College and 2017 Mount Mercy graduate, addressed the students about the importance of personal financial responsibility. Colin, a financial representative from Northwestern Mutual, spoke to the classes about the reasons for starting to save money at a young age and how to accomplish the saving.

“I really enjoyed the speakers we have had,” Senior Elisabeth Radwan (West Seneca) commented. “I especially appreciated hearing from Hannah Colin, a Mount Mercy graduate.”

One of the main goals for the class is reestablishing the school store and running it themselves. The former store is being renovated and in conjunction with the Art Department, is having the store’s name, Magic Market, and its slogan, “Taste the Magic,” painted above the store, as well as painting a mural inside the store.

Initially the store will sell items such as fruit smoothies, milk shakes, coffee, bagels and fruit parfaits. Their hope is to encourage more students to eat breakfast in partnership with the school’s breakfast program. 

“I feel that The Mercy Market will be a great experience for the Mercy community,” Kurucz remarked. “I would say this is very convenient for the students and staff.”

The students have created flyers to market the store and its products. They also plan to do a video spot on the school’s morning YouTube announcements to promote the store.

“After all the planning we have done, I am really looking forward to finally opening the store,” Radwan said.

The Business Academy has been fortunate to receive two grants to help facilitate the launching of the store. The Dairy Council has donated over $6,000 worth of appliances. Some of these appliances include items such as a refrigerator, coolers and a blender. In addition, the Academy received $10,000 from an anonymous donor which will be used to purchase products like a screen printer and a Cricut printer which will be utilized for marketing purposes and to create school merchandise to sell in the store. In addition, the store hopes to obtain additional appliances such as a coffee maker, microwave and toaster. 

The students also wish to purchase aprons with the store name and logo on them for use in the store and as a memento to take with them when the school year is over.

“This has been a really inspiring and exciting experience, to say the least,” Radwan concluded.

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