New social network Sniff connects pet owners

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Sniff (, an exclusive social network for the pet universe – where owners can register for free – is now available. With just a few clicks, anyone who loves animals can create a profile in the app and include all of their animals, providing weight, height, breed and the personality of each pet.

Users can share, for example, what their dog or cat is doing by posting photos, videos, texts and exclusive emoticons. Anything can be shared on an animal’s timeline, connected to the owner’s profile.

“It’s a modern way of documenting the important moments in the life of a pet, who is part of the family,” said Michel Faingezicht, co-founder of the app and a veterinarian with 12 years of experience.

The participant can even follow their favorite pets and send virtual gifts such as toys, food and accessories. To enjoy updates on the status of other pets or their owners, the user just clicks on Sniff. The app is fun and is a useful tool for organizing the pet’s vaccine schedule and agenda, with bathing and grooming dates, for example. And there are no restrictions. All animals are accepted: fish, birds, turtles, rabbits, horses, etc.

Veterinarians, pet stores, brands and anyone else who might be interested can also use Sniff by creating a free profile and showing their products and services. It is a good way to be in contact with the consumer, who can learn about companies or interesting items.

“We also created a platform for companies to easily promote their products and services for future clients,” said Pranay Agarwal, the other partner and founder. The Sniff application is free and available for iOS and Android.

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