NFB Publishing releases The Adventures of Sticky McGooey and Friends

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The Adventures of Sticky McGooey and Friends: Vexed With an X, written by Daniel Bentivogli and illustrated by Michael Donovan, is the latest release from NFB Publishing of Buffalo.

In this whimsical adventure, Sticky McGooey is so tall and thin he looks like a zipper, while his best friend Beef Palumbo is so big and wide he resembles a wall. They always have each other’s back and they are always ready for fun and adventure!

When Sticky finds himself rudely whapped in the face by a big wind-blown X, Beef comes to his aid and off they go to find the source of the vexing X. Along the way they enlist the help of their friend, Alice McGillicuddy, and her wise dog friend Howard. An expert professor and his excited team of X-searching students join the party.

They search for the X from Texas to Cuba and back. Throughout the journey they encounter strange vortex currents, plundering pelicans and frigate birds, wise whales and amazing microscopic creatures as old as the solar system. They experience the dramatic forces of the electro-magnetic field and learn all about water.

Never have a group of friends had so much fun while learning of the plight of the oceans, the astonishing abilities of birds, the hospitality of other cultures and the Lost Colony of early colonial settlers. The story is whimsical like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and as instructive as a science class.

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