NFB Publishing releases Patch of Sunlight by Kevin Richard White

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Patch of Sunlight by Pennsylvania author Kevin Richard White is the latest release from Buffalo-based NFB Publishing.

White is the author of the novels Steep Drop and The Face of a Monster, also released by NFB Publishing. His short fiction has been published by Akashic Books, Tahoe Writers Works, Crack The Spine, Lunch Ticket and Cactus Heart Press, among others. He is a contributor to the indie music magazine Manifesto of Sound and is the head editor of Viewfinder Literary Magazine.

In Patch of Sunlight, Daniel and Maddie are half siblings who never met. When Maddie invites Daniel to finally meet in person, he makes the trip. But, when he arrives at her place, he is confused to find that not only has Maddie completely disappeared without a trace, but even the house she lived in as well! Enter two local residents with a score to settle and a debt to collect, believing that Daniel is hiding Maddie for her and/or his own safety. Despite professing his innocence, a tangle of contradictions and violent episodes help push Daniel to the brink of his sanity and closer to uncovering the truth of what happened to Maddie. Finally at the edge, Daniel has a decision to make regarding to his life — does he abandon it or reinvent it?

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