Novel explores culture and heritage of 1979 South Buffalo

Just as common as corner shops and beer joints in 1979 Irish-Catholic South Buffalo, were boys fighting. When Callahan O’Connor sucker punches her boyfriend Paul, young Molly Shea’s fate is set. In spite of her best intensions, Molly is drawn to Callahan’s imponderable grin and charisma, falling for him the way the stars fall from the heavens in “Written in the Stars: The Book of Molly,” a novel by P.A. Kane.

But the road to each other is littered with complications leading to a long, dark winter of isolation and desolation for Molly that is altered when her dynamic, punk rock friend Teresa challenges her to look beyond the confines of her parochial neighborhood and her self-limiting mind.

Eventually, Molly and Callahan come together, both with big ideas for the future beyond their South Buffalo neighborhood. With the stars aligned their romance and plans soar to unsustainable heights then level out in a spectacular Shakespearian, “wide right,” Buffalo kind of way.

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