Online auction to aid couple’s dream of parenthood

Jeff and Brittany HerrmannJeff and Brittany Herrmann

Like most young married couples, Jeff and Brittany Herrmann of West Falls dream of one day becoming parents and starting a family of their own. But due to a medical trauma suffered many years ago, Brittany is unable to carry a child through pregnancy. 

That hasn’t stopped the Herrmann’s from pursuing their dream, opting instead to embark on a surrogacy journey. Compensated surrogacy is legal in New York State, but it also carries with it a very expensive price tag.

As a result, the Herrmann’s, with the loving support of family and friends, have created a website and Facebook page to share their story and a GoFundMe account to help with related expenses. And from Oct. 2-9, they will host an online auction featuring more than 70 baskets to  kickstart their fundraising efforts.

“Their journey has already started,” a family member wrote while detailing Jeff and Brittany’s story on their GoFuneMe page. “These two have endured so much going through three in vitro fertilization cycles to try and retrieve healthy embryos for preservation. After two failed attempts and thousands of dollars later, they finally have two healthy embryos. They have found the most wonderful woman, who after hearing their story is eager to carry their child. They are in the medical clearance stages of surrogacy at the moment, and the bills keep rolling in. Brittany and Jeff are surrounded with so much love. All any of us want is to be able to help them achieve their dream of having a family of their own as I cannot think of two more deserving people.”

To learn more about their story or to participate in the upcoming auction, please visit their website at or Facebook page at To contribute through their GoFundMe page, please visit and search for “Medical Trauma to Future Mama-A Surrogacy Journey.”