Organization offers support to pregnant women with cancer

The Pregnancy & Cancer Registry is a growing database of women from around the world who have been diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. The database was developed by Dr. Elyce Cardonick, a nationally recognized expert in maternal-fetal medicine.

Dr. Cardonick has been helping pregnant women diagnosed with cancer have healthy babies for 17 years. These women are very brave, and at first want to deny themselves cancer treatment during pregnancy because they are afraid it will hurt their fetus.

“Won’t losing their mother soon after birth hurt their child too?” asks Dr. Cardonick. “Our work helps pregnant women learn which cancer treatments can be given safely during pregnancy so that they can treat their cancers to save their own lives, and at the same time give birth to a healthy child. With your help, we can continue to follow the health of these women and their children so that the next pregnant woman diagnosed with cancer does not say no to life-saving cancer treatment.”

For more information regarding the Pregnancy & Cancer Registry, please visit And to support pregnant women with cancer, please visit the Pregnancy & Cancer Registry gofundme page at and help them to reach their fundraising goal of $50,000.