Seven purr-fect holiday gifts for your furry loved ones

Photo courtesy of Unsplash & Jakob Owens.Photo courtesy of Unsplash & Jakob Owens.

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It isn’t always easy to find the purr-fect gift for your pet. With so many cool products available, how is a pet parent to choose? In order to make shopping for your pet a little easier this holiday season, Dr. Ruth MacPete, aka Dr. Ruth “The Pet Vet,” shares some of her favorite gift ideas.

“Our pets give us so much and ask for so little in return. Show them how much you love them with a holiday gift they are sure to enjoy,” says Dr. Ruth.

Pet treats are always at the top of every pet’s wish list. Instead of giving just any old treat, give them something yummy, good for the environment, and healthy. Chippin dog treats are made from pumpkin, flaxseed and crickets. Yes, crickets. Crickets may seem like an unconventional food ingredient, but crickets are a sustainable, healthy source of protein that contains more omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 than salmon. And more important to your pooch, they taste great!

Tasty Supplements
If you follow health trends, then you know that collagen supplements have become one of the most popular nutritional supplements. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is found in connective tissue, muscles and skin. As we age, collagen is broken down faster than our body can replace it. A growing body of evidence suggests that collagen supplements have a number of health benefits, such as helping with arthritis, wound healing, muscle wasting and promoting healthier skin. Why not give your pet the gift of health? The Missing Link Collagen Care supplements are bite-sized soft chews available in three unique formulations to address joint pain, skin and coat issues, and anxiety.

Pets just want to have fun. Bring out the inner puppy with a new stimulating toy. HERO dog toys offer a variety of fun, innovative, and durable toys. Designed by dog enthusiasts, HERO dog toys inspire play and stimulate your dog’s mind. Many HERO dog toys are designed to dispense treats and reward your dog for their foraging behavior and focused play. Keep your dog entertained and keep boredom at bay with a new toy this holiday.

Get something for your pet and your home. Loving Pets has a variety of bowls to match your dog’s and home’s personality and style. Retro bowls are sleek and come in pink, blue and white and are the perfect addition to a modern décor. Ruff N Tuff bowls are made out of heavy-duty stainless steel and complement an edgy industrial look. Finally, Bella Bowls Designer and Expressions Collection are their best-selling bowls and are available in a variety of designs to fit any home décor. Now your dog can eat in style.

High Tech Gadgets
Hate leaving your pet home alone while you work? Varram Pet Fitness is a high-tech way to keep your dog and cat entertained while you’re away. This robotic toy zooms around the room and dispenses treats, keeping your pets stimulated and entertained for hours. It is programmable so you can decide when you want your pet to play and reward your pet at scheduled times. And you can easily control the robot and monitor your pet’s activity with your smartphone. With Varram Pet Fitness you no longer have to worry that your pet is bored while home alone.

Cat & Dog Wine
Why should your pet feel left out when you’re enjoying a glass of wine or cold brew this holiday? Pet Winery makes dog and cat vitamin-enriched beverages designed to look like your favorite alcoholic beverages, but without the alcohol. Toast your kitty with a glass of Meow & Chandon, or your dog with a bottle of Bark Brew Dog Beer this holiday. And if you are looking for a gift for your pet-loving friend who has it all or you need to bring a bottle of wine to a party, Pet Winery has all kinds of fun beverages for your feline and canine friends.

Doggy Spa
Give your dog the gift of beauty and pamper them with a new luxurious pet shampoo. VetDerm Solutions Super Hydrating & Conditioning Pet Shampoo is a uniquely formulated shampoo that uses human-grade ingredients and antioxidants such as green tea, shea butter and oatmeal to cleanse, hydrate and soothe your pet’s skin. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, tear-free, cruelty-free and fragrance-free, VetDerm Solutions Pet Shampoo is designed to clean and hydrate your pet’s skin without overwhelming your dog’s exquisite sense of smell. Let’s face it, how many dogs do you know that want to smell like a rose or lavender?

Hopefully these gift ideas will help make this holiday buying season easier, less stressful and wagging-tail approved.

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