Seven Questions With Brian Hillery of Hunt Real Estate

Brian HilleryBrian Hillery

Buying or selling a home can be a complicated process. Finding the right Realtor to work with, however, can make the process much more seamless and satisfying. With that in mind, we spoke to local Realtor Brian Hillery for his take on the real estate industry … before, during and after the current global pandemic known as COVID-19.

You’re new to the real estate industry. What was it that made you take that leap? 

My aunt is a real estate agent in Virginia and seeing her success and vision, knowing we are a lot alike, I thought it would be a great career for me. I did not see my business taking off as quickly as it has, but I think my work ethic and desire to be successful are the driving factors.

What is your favorite part about the home buying and/or selling process?

I am a people person, so whether it is helping to find someone’s dream home or selling their home for the highest possible amount in the shortest amount of time, I just enjoy working with people and providing good communication, honesty, ethics and expert negotiation skills.

When choosing a Realtor, what should people look for, or what questions should they ask?

Great question. In this day and age, choose a Realtor who will expertly promote a home through digital marketing, professional photography and targeted mailers. Research shows that 97% of buyers begin their search on a phone or computer. Expert digital marketing is necessary to be sure every potential buyer comes to see the home. Those looking for a Realtor can also check out Realtor reviews on Zillow. In short, hire someone who has a good reputation, good reviews, digitally markets homes, and most important is honest and trustworthy through good communication.

Since the pandemic hit, how has it changed the way you and your colleagues do business? 

As I am writing this we have not been allowed to show homes or be physically with any clients for the last 11 days. Just last night I received communication from NYSAR (New York State Association of Realtors) that Realtors are deemed essential and we are allowed to show homes with clients. I personally have mixed emotions about this. Although I want to help my clients buy and sell their homes, we are going to be put more at risk for COVID-19. I have purchased gloves and masks for my clients and myself should they want to meet with me or see a home. The safety of my clients is paramount, so if it is not urgent and can wait until this virus calms down, I recommend waiting until it is more safe to be out and about.

Before the pandemic, Western New York was a hot market for sellers. Do you think that will change when we reach the other side of this?

I believe there will be some hesitation on both sides of a transaction with buyers and sellers. We simply have way too many buyers and not enough sellers, so yes, it will continue to be a very strong seller’s market.

What would you say separates you from the local competition? 

My vision and drive to succeed. My goal is to develop such a good relationship with my clients that they will refer me to their friends and family. One of my mentors said, “You get out of it what you put into it.” Essentially, the harder I work the more successful I will be. I am driven to become the best version of myself so I can provide excellent customer service to my clients.

What’s the best way to reach you if someone is looking to buy or sell a home?

I am always available by call, text or email. I sincerely appreciate and look forward to the opportunity to help someone looking to buy or sell. My email is or give me a call or text at (716) 512-3425.

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