Seven Questions With Dr. Tammy Perison, DDS

Dr. Tammy Perison
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If smiling is indeed contagious, then credit Dr. Tammy Perison with starting an epidemic! From her dental practice at 425 Main St. in West Seneca, Dr. Perison works hard to ensure that every patient leaves with a healthy smile.

What is it about dentistry that made you choose it as your career?

Since I was a child I’ve always dreamed of being a healthcare provider. Dentistry allows me to use my creativity to help others become healthier and feel more confident about themselves.  It’s an amazing feeling when someone looks in the mirror and says ”Wow, I can’t believe this is my smile!”

What types of dental services are offered at your practice?

We provide everything from preventive services like professional cleanings, digital X-rays, dental sealants and fluoride, to full mouth rehabilitation. Other services we provide include dental sedation, implants, surgery, root canal therapy, cosmetic fillings and teeth whitening, same day crowns, laser gum therapy, dentures, bite guards and sleep appliances.

Based on your experience, how often would you recommend people go to the dentist?

Prevention and early diagnosis is the key to treating and managing oral disease. For most patients, it is recommended to have a professional dental exam and hygiene maintenance visit every six months. Individuals with compromising health conditions like cardiac, thyroid, autoimmune and diabetes are more prone to periodontal disease and other oral conditions and are advised to see a dentist at least every three months.

You’ve been practicing for nearly 25 years … how has dental technology evolved during that timeframe?

Dentistry has become an “instant” smile mentality. With the incorporation of digital dentistry, computer-aided treatment planning and 3DCT scans, both diagnosis and treatment has become more efficient and expected as the standard of care. In order to incorporate these into a dental practice however, a dentist must invest in not only the technology but in the education to use it effectively. With 3DCT scan technology and CEREC computer-aided design, I am able to provide improved diagnosis and treatment for pathology, implants, Invisalign and same day ceramic crowns for my patients. 

Can you tell us about your loyalty dental program and how it benefits your patients?

Our loyalty program is designed to help our patients that do not have the benefit of dental insurance be able to manage their dental maintenance visits, and helps to make dental care more affordable.

Do you find that people are often afraid to go to the dentist, and if so, how do you and your staff handle those situations?

About one in four people have dental fear, and an estimated 3 to 16% of adults present with dental phobia, which leads to a delay in receiving dental treatment and can lead to a worsening of the condition, more pain and more expensive treatment. My team and I find that establishing a comfortable, trusting environment is the most important thing in helping our patients manage and overcome dental fear and anxiety. Listening to an individual’s concerns and reassuring them how we can help address those concerns, and knowing that they have a supportive team to help them, really goes a long way. We also use the STA “Wand” painless injection system, utilize conservative laser therapy to treat painful oral lesions, offer Nitrous “laughing” gas, and provide sedation dentistry for those that express the need for advanced anxiety.

In your opinion, what is the best daily routine for healthy teeth?

Brushing at least twice daily for two minutes; flossing at least once daily; limiting the frequency of sugary and acidic foods and liquids like coffee, tea, sports drinks and soda; and drinking plenty of water are important to dental and overall health. Individuals who grind at night are advised to wear a protective bite guard to help prevent damage to teeth, the supportive gum and bone, and help prevent jaw pain. Sports guards are also recommended to not only protect your teeth but to help prevent concussions. Avoiding smoking and tobacco use and vaping are also strongly encouraged.

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