Seven Questions With Tony Mastrangelo of Big Picture Media

Tony Mastrangelo of Big Picture MediaTony Mastrangelo of Big Picture Media
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Owning or managing a business is rarely easy. Throw in a pandemic and it can go from being difficult to nearly impossible. But through his company, West Seneca-based Big Picture Media, Tony Mastrangelo keeps his clients focused on — you guessed it — the big picture, no matter the circumstances.

Your website promotes your company as a full-service advertising agency. Specifically, what types of services do you typically provide to your clients?

Everything from websites to social media management, email marketing, Google Pay Per Click, YouTube ads, Spotify ads, LinkedIn marketing, and traditional advertising such as radio and television.

Without giving away any trade secrets, what are some “musts” for businesses and organizations as they try to communicate effectively in today’s busy world?

A couple of musts …
#1: Get on social media! You don’t have to create a profile on every platform but start with one and go from there.
#2: Advertise. 

Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t have time to understand how social media works. For example, if your Facebook page has 1,000 fans the average number of people who will see your post is 52. Those are only your best fans (meaning the people who click “like” and comment on your posts). So, 948 people will most likely never see that post because you did not pay to reach them. On average, you can reach those 1,000 people for only $10!

What advice would your give to business leaders who are struggling to get through to the other end of this ongoing pandemic?

My best advice would be to step back and take a deep breath. Then look at your business.
• Do you have a marketing plan?
• Who are your current customers?
• Who do you want to be new customers?
• How are you going to get them to notice your business? If you don’t know how to get them to notice your business you can call me. That’s what I’m here for!

In your opinion, is traditional media (TV, radio, print) still necessary considering the impact, speed and overall abundance of social media platforms?

It depends on the business. If you have a huge business with multiple locations across Erie County with a million dollar marketing budget then yes, sure, go for it! However, if you are a small business with one location, digital advertising is the best way to reach your target customers in 2021. The #1 reason is location. By utilizing digital ads you can geographically target around a one- or five-mile radius of your business.

You opened Big Picture Media is 2018, but what experiences helped lead you to opening your own business?

All of my experience since I started working in media back in the fall of 2003. Starting off in radio after I graduated high school was where I learned so much! Working in the promotions department for seven different radio stations. Getting to be a DJ/on-air personality (formerly Tony Mamaluke on Kiss 98.5). Being out in the community and learning from successful people in many different professions. Also during this time MySpace, Facebook and Instagram became popular and things began to change. Some business owners began to realize that they didn’t need to pay to rent a radio station’s audience when they can build their own audience online.

I also worked in TV and for a great local agency that specializes in social media strategy. Combining all of this into one is what made me want to launch Big Picture Media, focusing on the big picture for my clients.

In 2020 the “big picture” was never more important because for most businesses it was survival mode.

What’s your “go-to” media? In other words, if there was only one traditional or social media platform remaining, what do you hope it would be, and why?

My go-to is Facebook. There have been so many social media outlets that have come and gone over the years. They are popular for a few months or a few years then just vanish. Facebook has the staying power my clients need. Facebook is where I go to reach my age group of mid thirties. However, you can also reach ages 50-plus and people in their twenties.

I invest my marketing dollars into Facebook strategically, both for my business and also personally. When I needed to promote ticket sales for my stag, I ran Facebook ads. When I needed to help my mom sell her house, I ran Facebook ads. When my wife wanted to have a garage sale. Well, let’s run a Facebook ad! It is the most cost-effective way to reach thousands of people.

What’s the best way for people to learn more about Big Picture Media?

You can learn more about my company by going to where you can read testimonials from some of my clients. I’m always happy to help and can be reached at or (716) 578-8311.

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