Seven tips and tricks for greening your summer road trip

Make sure your next road trip has minimal impact on the environment.Make sure your next road trip has minimal impact on the environment.

While many of us have always enjoyed the open road, the pandemic has fueled a newfound love for the outdoors and a greater desire to explore.

But before you head out this summer, Philippe Crowe, product education at Toyota Canada, has a few tips to make sure your next road trip has minimal impact on the environment:

1. Stay hydrated while reducing waste. Bring a reusable water bottle that you can fill up at rest stops as well as reusable bags, straws, cutlery and containers.

2. Eat local and sustainably. With the economy reopening, you can support local businesses by stopping for a bite. To save on travel time, check their menus and make a reservation or call ahead to avoid any delays. You can also prep and bring meals from home to help minimize food waste.

3. Keep your vehicle well maintained. The more you stick to a regular service schedule, the more fuel efficient your car will be — and that means fewer carbon emissions. Along with regular service, be sure your tires are properly inflated to safeguard everyone on the road.

4. Make recycling a priority. This might sound like an obvious one, but recycling on your road trip is crucial. It’s not always easy to find a bin, so keep a separate bag or container for your recyclables and drop them off in the appropriate receptacles when you find one.

5. Plan your route. Map out your journey in advance to avoid getting lost and having to use extra fuel to get yourself back on track. For safety, always use hands-free features to safely use your phone or adjust music while driving.

6. Pack light. The more stuff in your car, the less fuel efficient it is. Avoid overpacking to help both your wallet and the environment.

7. Upgrade your wheels. Choose a hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicle to save on fuel and reduce carbon emissions. Electrified models by Toyota are more affordable than you think, come with great mileage and fuel savings.
— News Canada

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