Social Sciences students at Mount Mercy Academy hear from local professional

Mount Mercy Academy is located in South Buffalo.Mount Mercy Academy is located in South Buffalo.
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Members of the Women in Social Sciences Academy at Mount Mercy Academy were recently able to attend a presentation by Maureen McOwen covering careers in social work. She spoke to the students about all of the parameters of her job, mental, physical and emotional.  

McOwen also provided the students with important advice about their future careers. Junior Ellie Godsoe of Buffalo commented, “I really enjoyed Mrs. McOwen’s talk. She told us that when we choose a career we’re passionate about, there will be both highs and lows, and she encouraged us to enjoy and learn from both. She also told us that even if we don’t know what we want to do with our lives, our callings will come to us. She reassured us that even if somewhere along the way we decide to end one career to pursue another, we will end up where we’re meant to be.”

Freshman Isabelle Reaska of Orchard Park also found the talk to be educational and helpful. “I thought that Mrs. McOwen had a way of speaking that showed that even through the darker and sadder side of her job she loved it because she got the opportunity to be strong for people who needed it and to truly make a difference in their lives. Her job was intriguing, especially for those who like to care for others and help make their lives easier.”

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