South Buffalo author to host book-signing at Dog Ears Bookstore

Author John Naughton will visit Dog Ears Bookstore & Café from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 6, for a book-signing event. The nonprofit community bookstore is located at 688 Abbott Road in South Buffalo.

Born and raised in South Buffalo, Naughton is the author of a series of five books. The series began with an explanation of the prophecy, “The Revelation of Christ,” and ended with an explanation of the code originally written in the Bible. There are three locks to the code that explain the entire Bible and puts it into a complete perspective. The three locks are The Book of Genesis, The Parables of the New Testament and The Prophecy Revelations. 

This series explains mankind’s journey of a broken spirit into conflict-ridden, anger-based reality and our quest to create a collective spirit and collective consciousness without conflict and anger. It is about healing the broken spirit within each and every one of us in the spirit of mankind collectively.

Naughton’s five books include: The Book of One — How to Unify Your Body, Spirit & Soul, Creation – The Diamond of Reality, Forgiveness — The Process of Creation that Replaces Darkness with Light, The Bible Uncoded, and Revelations – Your Role in God’s Plan to Replace Darkness with Light.

For more information on the nonprofit community bookstore, please visit, call 823-2665 or follow Dog Ears on Facebook for frequent updates.

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