Students take FLIGHT through enhanced curriculum at St. Joseph University School

FLIGHT is crafted for students of all ages.FLIGHT is crafted for students of all ages.
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Being the longest continuously running Catholic school in the Diocese of Buffalo is an impressive achievement, but not as important as changing with the times to help ensure students reach their fullest potential both in and outside of the classroom.

As a result, St. Joseph University School implemented FLIGHT, the school’s gifted and talented program, more than a decade ago and continues to identify and capitalize on the unique abilities, talents, interests and needs of every student.

Taking a tri-level approach, FLIGHT is crafted for students of all ages. At the Primary level, kindergarten through grade three, emphasis is placed on language and print to develop a rich background for literacy, critical and creative thinking at an early age. At the Intermediate level, grades four through six, students apply thinking strategies in all curriculum areas and participate in partnerships with community based organizations. Students at the Middle School level, grades seven and eight, receive accelerated instruction in math and science, specialized teaching in the arts, and participate in an independent study project.

“The FLIGHT initiative encourages our student to think, discover and create,” said FLIGHT Coordinator Sara Rodland. “It adds to our overall mission to prepare students to take their place in our community as the leaders, problem-solvers and creative thinkers of the future.”

Goals of the FLIGHT program include:

• To provide activities for gifted students as an integral part of the entire kindergarten through grade eight experience.
• To ensure that the process of identifying gifted students is flexible, inclusive and uses multiple criteria that reflects the diversity of the community.
• To provide structured opportunities for gifted students to interact with peers of similar interests and abilities.
• To differentiate the curriculum in content, process and product.
• To meet the needs of individual learners.
• To recognize that gifted students have social and emotional needs that should be understood and accommodated.

To schedule a private tour of St. Joseph University School, located at 3275 Main St., Buffalo, please call (716) 835-7395 or email For additional information about the school and the innovative FLIGHT program, please visit or follow the school on Facebook for frequent updates.

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