The Olear Team/MJ Peterson turns to enhanced virtual tours to unite home buyers and sellers

Michael OlearMichael Olear
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Cutting edge technologies and virtual showings are being utilized by the real estate professionals at The Olear Team/MJ Peterson to continue to sell properties during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They have achieved market value results on two properties in their first two attempts.

Michael Olear, Associate Broker at The Olear Team/MJ Peterson, is utilizing a product that allows a potential buyer to direct their own walkthrough of the house and it provides the opportunity to completely examine all nooks and crannies as if you are standing there. You can tilt to see floors and ceilings and literally move through the property in whatever direction you choose. Olear also provides a 2D floor plan for each level in the house including specific measurements, exact wall and doorway locations, a detailed home inspection from a NYS licensed inspector, still shot photography of the property and more. Anyone interested in seeing how the virtual tour technology works can view one of Olear’s current listings by visiting

Licensed Real Estate Agent James Conley, another member of The Olear Team, is taking a slightly different technological approach, working with the home seller to create walkthrough videos. While the seller is using their smartphone to provide live video to a potential buyer, Conley, the buyer and the buyer’s agent are all communicating via conference call.

“During these unprecedented circumstances, our mission at The Olear Team remains the same — to bring as much peace of mind to our clients as possible,” said Olear. “While some of our buyers and sellers were able to pause their home sale or new purchase, others cannot wait. And while virtual tours do not provide the same experience of seeing a home in person, it truly is the next best thing.”

Conley adds, “Utilizing our enhanced virtual tours, buyers and their agents have been able to ask questions directly to the listing agent and, in some cases, to the actual seller in real time as the home tour is being conducted. It’s an intimate experience that allows the buyers to experience a clear story about the home which they otherwise would not receive while touring with their agent alone. Out of the five virtual tours recently performed on one listing, everyone has walked away with a very clear understanding of the home’s layout, recent updates and the overall ‘spirit’ of the property.”

Olear envisions that these enhanced virtual tour services will continue to prove useful after the pandemic for buyers or sellers dealing with ongoing health concerns, out-of-state clients for whom travel may be difficult and others who might find this to be a more convenient method of looking for homes.

For more information, please contact The Olear Team at (716) 481-9959 or, or visit

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