Unique ‘Quality of Life’ rehab program creates a comfortable, affordable living environment for homeowners

A “Quality of Life Through Construction” community meeting.

Creating a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment for homeowners is the goal of a unique “Quality of Life Through Construction” program offered by Prime Time Energy Services of Depew. Best of all, the program is set up to actually decrease the amount of financial burden that accompanies home-ownership and can provide a financial surplus at the end of the month.

“Our objective is to assist homeowners in the City of Buffalo and across Western New York with much-needed repairs to their homes, creating a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment in the process,” said Jim Stroehlein, co-owner of Prime Time Energy Services. “Working with community based agencies, we pursue financial assistance and grants on behalf of our clients to help them obtain a better lifestyle through affordable construction.” 

Everyone who has taken part in this program has benefited in one way or another, whether it’s through construction, credit repair or some other type of support.

“When we decrease the amount of financial burden created by their home by replacing inefficient windows, doors, roofing, insulation or heating systems with energy efficient products, it often gives the homeowner a financial surplus at the end of the month,” added Nicholas Cappelli, co-owner of Prime Time Energy Services. “The less the homeowner spends on their utility bills and maintenance, the more they have available for other monthly necessities, thus improving the client’s quality of life.”

A complete list of benefits available through the program includes:
• Funding/grant assistance
• Budget reduction services
• Home improvement planning
• Health and safety services
• Credit repair counseling
• Real estate/rental advisory
• Debt consolidation planning
• Increase property valuation
• Weatherization services
• Emergency heating repair/replacement

“Homeowners who have already taken advantage of the program often decide to reinvest their savings back into their home by taking advantage of one of our low-interest loan options to also replace roofing or siding or remodel an interior space such as a kitchen or bath,” Stroehlein added. “Still others decide to keep the savings and live a more economically comfortable lifestyle. Either way, the program has greatly improved their overall quality of life.”

Homeowners of all financial status are eligible for assistance from the “Quality of Life Through Construction” program, regardless of credit. To date, the program has helped rehabilitate more than 500 homes and has utilized approximately $3 million in grant assistance. 

For more information, please contact Prime Time Energy Services, 67 Sheldon Ave., Depew, at 685-4331 or info@primetime-energy.com. Additional information can also be found on their website at www.primetime-energy.com.