Want a job interview? Improve your resume

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With almost four billion resumes distributed annually, there’s growing frustration among job seekers that they are blending into the competitive landscape. While the economy plays a role, some experts believe resumes might also be a reason for this anonymity.

Traditional resumes weren’t a necessity until the 1950s, and their evolution has been marked mainly by enhanced delivery methods. While Facebook revolutionized connectivity, and LinkedIn provided tools for networking, they merely brought the crowd, not the methods to stand out in one. A resume today looks a lot like one from 20 years ago.

Following are three ways to spice up your resume, courtesy of Beyond.com:

1. Information Location. Make sure your best attributes are front and center. The company doesn’t know you yet, so don’t bury what makes you special.

2. De-Clutter. Avoid confusing jargon and overwriting. This is the first chance you have to show your communication skills, and you want to be as clear as possible.

3. Sea of Sameness. Look past the constricting traditional resume format, and prove you can approach problems differently. If you aren’t unique when applying, you won’t be unique when working.

If you are serious about getting interviewed, it’s time to give your current resume a serious makeover!
— NewsUSA

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