West Seneca’s Mobile Auto Bureau to move into Community Center

The Mobile Auto Bureau was brought back to West Seneca in 2014 and was housed in the lobby of the town ice rink.

Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns will officially unveil the Erie County Auto Bureau’s Mobile Unit inside the West Seneca Community Center and Library. Kearns has been working with Town Supervisor Sheila Meegan over the past several months in order to make this relocation project a reality. 

The Mobile Auto Bureau will serve the Town of West Seneca and surrounding areas every Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. inside the new West Seneca Community Center and Library building located at 1300 Union Road beginning Friday, Feb. 1. 

“I pledged to enhance and improve both the services as well as the location sites of Erie County Auto Bureaus as deemed necessary,” said Kearns. “We are pleased to have such willing partners in government, such as Supervisor Meegan, who allowed us to be able to offer a much improved location for motorists in West Seneca who utilize our mobile unit every Friday with no additional costs to the residents of Erie County.”

The Mobile Auto Bureau was brought back to West Seneca in 2014 and was housed in the lobby of the town ice rink. “When I conducted my initial assessment of the Auto Bureaus, convenience, customer service, accessibility and atmosphere were all at the top of the list,” stated Kearns. “Being in the ice rink may have provided a convenient service but it did not rate highly in the other areas. From the beginning, relocating to inside the new Community Center was a priority for me.” 

“The opportunity to have the Mobile Auto Bureau in the new Community Center and Library building is another great example of our working partnership with County Clerk Kearns and the Erie County Clerk’s Office,” stated Meegan. “We believe the accessibility and additional space in the new building will improve visitors’ experience while visiting the Mobile Auto Bureau.” 

The Mobile Auto Bureau provides the following on-site services: Apply for or renew driver and motorcycle licenses, permits and non-driver ID cards; plate surrenders or transfers; registration renewals, amendment or duplicates for all vehicles; and written tests for driver and motorcycle permits. If you require an upgrade to and Enhanced or REAL ID license, permit or non-driver ID card or CDL permit testing, please visit any of the main or satellites offices to complete these transactions. 

A complete listing of all Erie County Auto Bureau services, locations and hours, including Mobile Site locations, can be found by visiting www.erie.gov/clerk/autobureau.